The Technology

A software-driven platform designed specifically for Art on theMART allows theMART to curate an ongoing exhibition of imagery from celebrated artists, keeping the illuminations fresh, timely and engaging.



34 Christie Digital Boxer 4K30 30,000 lumen projectors for a total of over one million lumens projected on the building façade.


The south façade of theMART building in Chicago, overlooking the Chicago River. The projector housing is located directly across the river from the building, and is built into the River Walk itself.


The building façade is 556’x165’ or 91,740 ft² (over 2 acres), and the projection resolution is 6000 x 2620.


We created a digital 3D model of the building from a laser scan to account for the building’s architectural features and re-created the projection setup in software so the image aligns perfectly. Building windows are masked out in software, so the projectors don’t shine light into the building interior.


3 channel 3D architectural mapping. The main channels have 16 projectors each, stacked together to increase brightness, and the center channel, covering the center tower, has 2 projectors stacked; the channels are blended together to create one seamless image.


Projectors are manually calibrated to ensure the projected image fits the façade. The mapping on different architectural facets of the building are independently adjusted to minimize color / brightness differences.


A custom weatherproof projector room housing was designed and built to house the 34 projectors, including full service access and HVAC capabilities.


Custom developed system for calibration, synchronized playback and show control.


The system is designed to allow curators to schedule shows within the proprietary content management system from across the river at theMART building. Hard lines were run under the river to complete the connection.


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