How It Works

Technology + Details

Top Tech Facts

  • 1 Iconic Building

    Home to one of the largest permanent digital art platform in the world

  • ~1/4 Mile of Fiber Wires

    Embedded under the river, connecting the projections to a custom-designed, weatherproof box built directly into Chicago's Riverwalk

  • 2.5 Acres of Projection Surface

    Spanning 556 x 165 ft or 91,740 sq ft of THE MART's southern façade – the size of nearly two American football fields

  • 10+ Audio Speakers

    Installed along the Riverwalk to play music composed for each projection

  • 18 Floors
    Reaching 340 Feet High

    Plus two floors of separate LED building crown lighting systems

  • 34 Christie Digital Boxer
    Lumen Projectors

    Each about the size of a toddler weighing 300+ pounds, with a projection resolution of 6,000 × 2,620 pixels

  • 4,262 Windows

    Disguised from our 3D building model constructed by lasers to avoid light shining into the interior

  • 1m+ Lumens

    Projected onto the building façade – approximately the same amount of light needed for 25+ movie theaters