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2024 Timings

June 06 – Sept 11: 9 – 9:30pm
Sept 12 – Dec 30: 7:30 – 8pm


ART on THE MART is the one of the world’s largest digital art platforms that transforms an architectural landmark into a permanent, larger-than-life canvas. A shining example of Chicago’s long-standing commitment to public art, ART on THE MART brings cutting-edge video mapping techniques to Chicago’s Riverwalk, displaying projections of contemporary art across the 2.5-acre façade of THE MART, the largest privately held commercial building in the United States, internationally recognized as a global innovator in culture, design, and technology.

Founded in 2018, ART on THE MART presents pioneering moving image work by renowned national and international contemporary artists, alongside work by Chicago-based creatives and local organizations who aim to elevate voices from across the community. Our artists and partners work to realize the power of public art and inspire positive community engagement along the river, throughout Chicago and beyond.

ART on THE MART's hours shift with the changing seasons. Our 2024 program will return in April. Stay tuned for the latest dates and timings! 

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