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A drawing of a Black girl with brown hair in long braids leaning on her hands in green grass dotted with mushrooms. The girl is wearing an off-the-shoulder pink gown and gazing into a black and violet starry night sky, featuring a golden galaxy and a large green planet with rings. Green, purple, and blue smaller planets dot the sky. At the top of the painting, the sky opens into a cloud of white, red, and yellow.
A colorful, aquatic scene of abstracted coral and seaweed made up of blue, red, purple, orange, and yellow organic forms.
A projection onto a large building along a river depicts a couple dancing. They are wearing purple and the background is yellow and orange.
  1. Chicago Public Schools Class of 2024

    May 01 — May 12

    Our ongoing partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) continues, May 1 – 12. Works by Chicago high school seniors air nightly, 8:30 – 9:30 p.m.

    Since 2021, ART on THE MART has partnered with CPS to display selected works from submissions to the All-City High School Visual Arts Exhibition and the Senior Portfolio Showcase. An original score, composed and produced by CPS students, will accompany the projections. Learn more

  2. Cory Arcangel

    Jun 06 — Sep 11

    In a sly nod to the Chicago-based band Earth, Wind and Fire, Cory Arcangel's installation draws on footage of water, wind, and fire shot in both Chicago, Illinois and Stavanger, Norway. Using Cookery, a custom-built software for "deep frying," Arcangel manipulates the images' brightness, contrast, and size.

  3. Yinka Illori

    Jun 06 — Sep 11

    Yoruba for ‘Ocean Water,' Omi Okun recreates the artist's experience of the Pentecostal church ritual, traveling from London to Margate. The piece will be split into four parts, with each one representing a memorable aspect of the journey: white garments, incense, the water, and a dreamscape.

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